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I love to read fan fiction, but I am unable to write any myself! I work at my local public library. Which I love for many reasons, but the top has to be because I get to see all of the new items before the public does! I am not married and I don't have any children. I live vicariously through my nieces and nephew. They are the light in my life! Any other questions just ask! I will probably answer!


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Books, music, soaps, Yahoo! Groups, and of course FanFiction!

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    I strongly believe that Jason and Elizabeth should finally come together and begin their family. He has always been there for her and supported her to the fullest and same goes for Elizabeth looking out for him. They have always ran to one another for help and one else. If they could finally realize what they ment to eachother they could go above and beyond in life. They have always understood one another and obviously cared deeply for one another. Even when they come across obsticuls in life they always manage to find one another. They are true to one another and just for that they absolutly need to get together it would make me so happy to finally see them happy once and for all! Alos with Jake being Jasons son Jason has every right to be in his life and raise he own son, he is a good father he is also willing to take on the responsibility of cam, he is willing to be a father he wants it so badly and he will be a great father if the writers would give him a chance.Jason should get the chance to save Elizabeth for one of luke and laura's past enemies so Elizabeth can see its not just Jasons life that has Danger, anybodys does.I wish they could just get the chance to go away and find a safe place where they can just be with eachother and bond so they can finally find out what they mean to eachother, so they can both get the chance to see whats it is like to be together as a family. Jasons mom has every right to know about Jake being Jasons son, Monica needs something in her life right now she has lost so much and that would help her get through everything. I am sorry if not everyone agrees with this but i have been watching this show since before 1999, and everything have seen proves to me that they belong.
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    Passing thru to say Hello :)


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